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Do you have a remote project?

Whether it is a small or large-scale project or periodic remote field testing, Geotechnical Services has the ability and capacity to provide remote testing and annex (onsite) laboratory facilities to suit client requirements across Australia. Contact our team to discuss your remote project requirements.

Established in 1994, our Tamworth laboratory, now known as East West Enviroag, became a proud member of the Geotechnical Services Group in 2023. As a premier full-service geotechnical, agricultural, and environmental testing provider, East West Enviroag caters to a diverse clientele across Australia. Whether it’s farms, mines, roads, buildings, or renewable energy projects, our comprehensive testing services meet all requirements with precision and expertise.

Operating in the expansive regions of north and mid-western New South Wales and beyond, our field services reach far and wide. Additionally, our laboratory testing serves clients across the entire nation, showcasing our diversity of geographical knowledge and experience. Accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) and the Australasian Soil and Plant Analysis Council (ASPAC), our Tamworth laboratory upholds industry standards, ensuring the delivery of results of the highest quality.

Under the leadership of the highly esteemed Stephanie Cameron and Steven Mitchell, our team of professional scientists, and technicians guarantees excellence in every facet of our operations. From meticulous sampling to thorough testing, detailed reporting, interpretation, and advisory services, East West Enviroag is dedicated to providing high quality and tailored solutions to our valued clients.

Agricultural Testing

Agricultural testing plays a crucial role in ensuring the productivity and sustainability of the rural sector, and East West Enviroag is at the forefront of this field, establishing a robust connection with the agricultural community. We are a leader in the agricultural services industry, offering a diverse array of essential testing that caters to the nuanced needs of farmers, agribusinesses, mine rehabilitation and everything in between. Our commitment extends beyond conventional testing; we provide an expansive range of agricultural services that cover every facet of the farming process.

Agricultural Soil Testing

Soil is the starting point for agriculture. Therefore it is important to understand and maintain the health of your soil. This understanding is the key to sustainable agriculture and increased productivity.

Soil analysis is the first step toward understanding your soil. This information can then be used to tailor a solution to provide an optimum nutrient balance. East West can help you make an informed decision about fertilisation and treatment plans for your soil to ensure the lowest cost to maintain the land while providing increased productivity.

Our scope includes a large amount of tests and we are able to customise tests tailored to your exact needs.

Seed Testing

We perform seed germination tests to evaluate the quality of seeds and predict their performance as seeds and seedlings in the field. Various factors, such as diseased seeds, aged seeds, mechanically damaged seeds, moisture, and overheating during storage or drying, can influence germination rates. It is advisable for seeds intended for sale to undergo testing at an independent facility to ensure their quality and viability.

Water Testing

Water is the single most important component of any enterprise. An accurate water test and timely assessment is vital for planning and allocating water supplies. This impacts all areas of rural life from livestock, crop irrigation, chemical sprays, garden use, human consumption and more. There are minimum standards that must be met in regards to water quality and East West can provide a detailed and personalised report into the limitations and quality of your water.

Plant Tissue Testing

Plant Tissue Testing - Plant and soil extractions on orbital shakerAre you experiencing poor crop, bad batches, or poor pasture performance? East West can provide a comprehensive range of tests of plant tissue and provide detailed recommendations to help increase productivity. Plant tissue analysis can be used as guide to discover why a particular crop may be failing.
It is important to note that accurate sampling is just as important as the laboratory analysis. We can provide comprehensive sampling instructions to ensure accurate sampling and accurate results.

Cotton Petiole Testing

Cotton Petiole TestingAt East West we can test for nutrient deficiencies, and provide you with an
interim report, and independent recommendations, within 24 hours (for N testing). With ongoing, frequent testing, you can understand your crop on a deeper level, and through early identification, nutrient deficiencies can be rectified before permanent damage is done to your crop.

Animal Feed and Grain Testing

We provide clients with a full tissue test and protein analysis on a LECO machine. Subcontracted feed testing can provide metabolisable energy, grain intake, crude fibre, ADF, NDF, total starch, B-Glucans, hydration capacity, moisture, dry matter, protein, ash, fat, DDM, CP, SP, RDP, ADICP, NDICP, MJ ME, DE, Lignin, NFC, RFV, TDN, Ca, P, Mg, S, Cl, Lysine and Methionine, wet chemicals and fermentation analysis.

East West Enviroag offers clients comprehensive gain testing services, including a complete mineral test and a crude protein analysis for ration mixes and grains. Given that a mere 1% variance in wheat protein can translate to approximately $4 per tonne in mixed feed, acquiring thorough information about grains before purchase is paramount. As a fundamental step in quality assurance, it is advisable to conduct an analysis of your grain for moisture and crude protein content at a minimum.

We provide field services for all areas around Tamworth

The North West, New England and beyond. We also test samples from all over Australia, please contact us for comprehensive sampling instructions.

  • Nundle

  • Manilla

  • Barraba

  • Gunnedah

  • Walcha

  • Armidale

  • Guyra

  • Inverell

  • Narrabri

  • Glen Innes

  • Scone

  • Quirindi

  • Werris Creek

  • Coffs Harbour

  • Moree

  • Warialda

  • Bingara

  • Uralla

  • Murrurundi

  • Merriwa

  • Coolah

  • Coonabarabran

  • Walgett

Environmental Testing

Environmental TestingAt East West Enviroag, we possess the proficiency to ascertain the suitability of materials, ensuring they align with the intended purpose, adhere to designated design specifications, and conform to pertinent Australian Standards. Our expertise extends across various construction endeavors, encompassing the construction of roads, bridges, culverts, sheds, dams, and more. Additionally, our capabilities are crucial for diverse applications, including effluent treatment, material stockpiling, monitoring dust, air, and noise levels, securing EPA licensing compliance, and facilitating effective revegetation processes. Our commitment lies in providing comprehensive services that not only meet but exceed the regulatory and quality requirements across a spectrum of construction and environmental projects.

Environmental Issues

  • Environmental protection licences
  • Waste classification for reuse, storage and disposal
  • Excavated natural material exemption certification
  • Dust sampling and monitoring
  • Recycled aggregates exemption certification
  • Drillers mud exemption certification
  • Dust deposition of particulate matter

Contaminated land and soil testing

Contaminated land and soil testingEast West Enviroag is well-equipped to handle sampling and site investigations, providing you with the assurance that the land you’re acquiring is free from contamination. Our comprehensive environmental due diligence assessment is conducted to ascertain the contamination status, unveiling potential liabilities associated with the site’s purchase.

To ensure compliance with National Environment Protection Measures (NEPM) guidelines, we collect soil samples and subject them to chemical testing. These guidelines establish national standards addressing various environmental concerns. East West offers a range of services, including:

Basic contamination assessments

  1. Phase 1 preliminary contaminated site investigation
  2. Phase 2 detailed contaminated site investigation
  3. Phase 3 remedial action plans
  4. Phase 4 validation and site monitoring
  5. Material classification for soil disposal
  6. Environmental management plans
  7. Pre and post-occupation reports

By offering this comprehensive suite of services, East West ensures that your land acquisition process is not only thorough but also compliant with environmental standards, safeguarding you from potential risks and liabilities.

Waste classification

Composts, soil conditioners and mulches to AS4454 & AS4419. AS4454 (2012) is the Australian Standard for composting, soil conditioners and mulches and this standard aims to protect human health, the environment and food quality. AS4454 was designed to encourage beneficial and sustainable reuse of materials containing nutrients and organic matter. East West can perform the characterisation of materials to see if they comply with AS4454. AS4419 (2018) is the Australian Standard for producing quality soils for landscaping and gardening use. East West can test for the minimum requirements for general purpose soils, top dressing, topsoil and landscaping mixes for domestic and commercial use.

Any material removed from a site needs testing and classification according to Waste Classification guidelines. “It is the waste generator’s responsibility to ensure that the sampling and analytical methods used are appropriate for the contaminants being testing for”. At East West we can sample, test and classify any materials for removal outlined in the regulations. We know the rules and can ensure the right classification and disposal options are determined for Excavated Natural Material (ENM), Virgin Excavated Natural Material (VENM) and waste disposal.

Our Services

Soil Testing

Ground conditions and soil composition are crucial to planning, designing, and building with accuracy.

Site Classification

We can service large housing and commercial developments as well as single individual housing lots.


Geotechnical drilling and sampling, utilising our purpose-built drill rigs located throughout Queensland

Geotechnical Testing in Tamworth

From Coffs Harbour to Newcastle, out to Walgett and everything beyond and in between, our NATA accredited geotechnical laboratory provides reliable field testing and laboratory testing services tailored to your project needs. We provide a comprehensive scope of soil, concrete, aggregate, and drilling services. We also assist engineering design experts with a variety of infrastructure and sporting projects.

Geotechnical, commercial, and residential Soil Testing

Site Classification

Soil testing is an integral part of any construction project. Before you start building, it is always best to know exactly what you are building on. This protects the long term integrity of your project and provides you with the information you need to go ahead with confidence. East West provides the following tests to Australian Standards and RMS test methods:

  • Sampling
  • Classification: Moisture content, liquid limit, plastic limit, plasticity index, linear shrinkage, sieve analysis, Emerson class number, fine particle size distribution
  • Compaction: Determination of the relationship between the moisture content and the dry density of a soil when compacted
  • Field Density: Relative compaction, dry density ratio, moisture variation and moisture ratio, density index, compaction control – Hilf method, field density using a nuclear gauge
  • Bearing Strength: Determination of the California bearing ratio of a soil
  • Reactivity: Conducting a swell test and a simplified core shrinkage
    Strength and penetration: Determining the penetration resistance of a soil to the penetration of a steel cone.

Site Classification and Land Development

Site classifications help to provide an estimate of the expected soil movement due to extreme moisture changes. This information is vital to assist in the engineering of building and foundation supports which means you need quality and timely results to get your project off to the best possible start.

East West provides site classification by:

  • Sampling field data
  • Laboratory testing
  • Calculation of expected soil movement.

East West can also provide the following services:

  • Modified waste water application – single lots and subdivisions
  • Agronomic reports – providing recommendations for groundcovers for erosion control
  • Exemption classification – Excavated Natural Materials (ENM), recovered fines and recovered aggregates
  • Sampling, profile logs, California Bearing Ratio Tests and pavement designs.

Geotechnical Drilling

Our experienced Tamworth drilling team are specialists in all aspects of residential, commercial, and geotechnical drilling and sampling. With a number of purpose-built and tight access drill rigs located across north western New South Wales and throughout Queensland, we are well-equipped to navigate diverse landscapes and challenging locations.. Operating in conjunction with our NATA and ASPAC accredited laboratories ensures our drilling services are efficient and our results are accurate.

Concrete Testing

Concrete Testing

Concrete testing is a vital aspect of ensuring the structural integrity and durability of construction projects and East West Enviroag offers a comprehensive range of concrete testing both onsite and offsite in our NATA accredited laboratory. The following tests are available to Australian Standards:

  • Sampling
  • Consistency testing (on-site slump test)
  • Compressive flexural strength
  • Cylinder casting, crushing and curing
  • Mass per unit volume testing
  • Sand and aggregate testing for grading, particle density, water absorption, shape, strength and soundness.

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