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NATA-accredited laboratories across Queensland and New South Wales

100% Australian-owned provider of construction material, environmental, and agricultural testing and drilling services.

Geotechnical Services is a 100% Australian-owned and operated provider of construction materials, environmental, and agricultural testing and drilling services. We have NATA-accredited laboratories across Queensland and New South Wales and strive to offer high-quality testing to clients and projects throughout regional and remote Australia.

We’re an experienced and accredited team offering tailored testing and drilling solutions for clients in construction, mining, oil/gas, quarries, renewables, residential, commercial, rural and more.

Our scope of testing covers geotechnical drilling and construction materials testing including soil testing, concrete testing, aggregate testing, and compaction control for civil, mining, residential, and commercial requirements. Our environmental and agricultural scope covers everything from contamination and waste classification to water and plant tissue testing.


Reliable advice and accurate testing services in the Bundaberg region.

Hervey Bay

Over 35 years in providing reliable and accurate testing services.


A team of local experts with decades of testing experience.


Trusted expertise with decades of experience testing.


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Soil Testing

Ground conditions and soil composition are crucial to planning, designing, and building with accuracy.

Concrete Testing

Concrete testing plays a major role in ensuring the safety, quality, and environmental impact of construction.

Aggregate Testing

Our team has extensive knowledge of conformance and quality testing for aggregates and quarried products


Geotechnical drilling and sampling, utilising our purpose-built drill rigs located throughout Queensland