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Stephanie Cameron

Stephanie Cameron
Stephanie Cameron
Environmental and Agricultural Manager


For almost three decades, Steph has been an integral part of East West Enviroag (part of the Geotechnical Services Group), where she initially started her journey as a scientific officer specialising in routine nutrient analysis of various environmental and agricultural elements such as soil, water, plants, grains, manure, and fertilisers. Holding a Bachelor of Applied Science (Biological & Chemical Technologies), Steph has continually honed her expertise in this domain.

Currently, Steph holds a pivotal role overseeing the management of East West’s environmental and agricultural testing and sampling laboratory. In this capacity, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership and management skills, ensuring the seamless functioning of the laboratory. Her responsibilities extend beyond the laboratory, encompassing a diverse array of tasks associated with business operations.

Steph’s wealth of experience isn’t confined solely to laboratory work. She has also established herself as a seasoned consultant, contributing significantly to the development of quality systems, sampling protocols, monitoring schedules, contaminated site reporting and the administration of DECC/EPA licensing requirements. Her adeptness in navigating and fulfilling regulatory obligations is a testament to her comprehensive understanding of the industry.

Beyond her roles within East West Enviroag and Geotechnical Services, Steph has taken on consulting and auditing projects independently, showcasing her versatility and proficiency in addressing the unique needs of projects spanning various industries.

Steph is passionate about the community and the environment and holds a variety of local, state, and national community positions including Chairperson for Landcare NSW, Board Director for Australasian Soil and Plant Analysis Council (ASPAC), and Board Director/Treasurer for the Tamworth Jockey Club.

Areas of Expertise

  • Laboratory management & operations
  • Environmental testing, analysing, reporting, and interpreting
  • Agricultural testing, analysing, reporting, and interpreting
  • Quality systems and management
  • WHSE systems and auditing
  • Research and development
  • Consulting