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Hopeland Solar Farm – Investigation Phase

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This proposed venture will feature solar arrays comprising Solar PV modules, with a capacity of up to 312MWdc / 250MWac, indicating its substantial potential to contribute to renewable energy generation. The project is expected to be co-located with a potential 175MW/350 megawatt-hour battery energy storage system.

Drill rig

Our drilling team partnered with our valued geotechnical engineering client to conduct a comprehensive geotechnical investigation for the 250MW Hopeland Solar Farm project located near Chinchilla, QLD. This endeavor aims to deliver a sustainable energy solution capable of powering approximately 100,000 average-sized households in Queensland independently.

Over the span of two weeks, our expert team executed a series of crucial tasks, including the completion of numerous boreholes, Standard Penetration Tests (SPTs), Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) tests, and excavation of test pits. Additionally, samples were diligently collected for subsequent laboratory analysis in our NATA accredited laboratory.

The insights garnered from this investigation hold immense significance for the project’s developer. By thoroughly understanding the surface and subsurface conditions of the site, our findings will play a pivotal role in informing the strategic planning, meticulous design, and precise execution phases of the solar farm project.

This collaborative effort underscores our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions that are not only technically sound but also environmentally sustainable. Through our expertise and dedication, we aim to facilitate the successful development of the Hopeland Solar Farm, contributing to the advancement of renewable energy initiatives in Queensland and beyond.

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