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Environmental Testing

Comprehensive NATA Accredited and ASPAC Certified Environmental Testing Services

Harnessing Environmental Testing for Sustainable Development and Compliance

In today’s world, environmental concerns are at the forefront of many industries. Ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and protecting our natural resources is crucial for sustainable development. Our proficiency enables us to assess the suitability of materials, ensuring they align with intended purposes, adhere to designated design standards, and adhere to pertinent Australian Standards. Our laboratories are NATA accredited and ASPAC certified, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of the results we deliver.

Our environmental testing services include, but are not limited to:

  • Composts/Mulches/Soil Conditioners (inc AS4419, AS4454)
  • Contaminated site (General, Fuel and Oil, Sheep Dips, Site Investigations and Validation)
  • Waste classification (EPA Orders: ENM/VENM, Driller’s mud, recovered aggs/fines)
  • Waste Classification (for Landfill disposal)
  • Waste Water (Septic/AWTS/Trenches/Irrigation)
  • EPA Licence (sampling, testing and monitoring reports)
Environmental Testing
Regional Footprint

We provide regional and remote testing solutions; our local teams possess unparalleled knowledge of their respective geographical areas. We have the capability and capacity to establish remote annex laboratories nationwide.

NATA Accredited Laboratories

We are accredited by Australia’s largest accreditation body; you can be assured that our practices meet or exceed the very highest performance and reliability standards in the industry.

Technical Expertise

Our team is comprised of some of Australia’s most experienced and highly regarded geotechnical testing experts. Their collective expertise ensures that we are able to deliver quality solutions to our clients and provide the best mentors for our up-and-coming technical experts.

Quality Service

We strive to provide the best experience for our clients. We understand the importance of effective communication, efficiency, professionalism, expertise, and reliability for a seamless project. We operate a Quality Management System accredited to ISO/IEC 17025.

Environmental Testing: Essential for Diverse Construction and Infrastructure Projects

Our expertise is invaluable across diverse construction endeavours, including road and bridge construction, culvert installations, shed and dam construction, and various other projects. Moreover, it holds significance in effluent treatment processes, material stockpiling practices, and monitoring efforts concerning dust, air quality, and noise levels. Additionally, our capabilities extend to facilitating compliance with EPA licensing requirements and revegetation.

Agricultural Soil Testing

Environmental Issues

Environmental issues can arise from various sources, including industrial activities, waste disposal, and land development. Understanding and addressing these issues is essential for minimising environmental impact and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Environmental protection licence

An environmental protection licence is a legally enforceable document for you and your business operation. Issued by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA), it outlines permitted activities and operational conditions concerning environmental considerations. Our team can assist you in obtaining and maintaining your EPL by conducting comprehensive environmental assessments and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Waste classification

Effective waste management begins with accurate waste classification. Our waste classification services help businesses identify and categorise their waste streams, ensuring proper handling, disposal, and recycling practices. Our waste classifications services cover EPA Orders: ENM/VENM, Driller’s mud, recovered aggs/fines as well as landfill disposal.


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Contaminated soil testing

East West provides support with sampling and site investigations, ensuring you have confidence that the land you’re acquiring is free from contamination.

An environmental due diligence assessment is conducted to ascertain the contamination status and potential liabilities associated with the site’s purchase.

Contamination assessments

Soil samples are collected and chemically tested to ensure compliance with National Environment Protection Measures (NEPM) guidelines that specify national standards for a variety of environmental issues. The Geotechnical Services Group can conduct:

  • basic contamination assessments
  • phase 1 preliminary contaminated site investigation,
  • phase 2 detailed contaminated site investigation,
  • phase 3 remedial action plans,
  • phase 4 validation and site monitoring, material classification for soil disposal
  • environmental management plans and pre and post-occupation reports.

Dam Construction

Dam construction requires meticulous attention to detail to ensure structural integrity and long-term stability. We offer comprehensive services to support every stage of the construction process. Our expertise includes sourcing and testing materials to ascertain their suitability for dam walls and clay liners.

Through rigorous testing and analysis, we assess the properties of materials such as soil, aggregates, and clay to ensure they meet the necessary engineering requirements for durability, permeability, and compaction. Additionally, we provide compaction testing services during construction to monitor and verify the effectiveness of compaction efforts. By conducting thorough testing and analysis throughout the construction process, we ensure that dams are built to withstand the demands of their environment and provide reliable water storage and flood protection for years to come.

Agricultural Seed Testing - Discreet Analyser
Soil Testing

Environmental soil testing

Our environmental soil testing services are tailored to address a variety of needs, from evaluating contaminated sites to facilitating preliminary site investigations (PSI). We specialise in analysing excavated natural materials (ENM) to ensure compliance with EPA orders and exemptions, providing comprehensive reports for informed decision-making. Additionally, our expertise extends to routine monitoring and assessing soil suitability for wastewater application, such as onsite septic systems.. With a commitment to environmental stewardship, our services offer reliable solutions for sustainable land management practices.

Routine Monitoring

Routine monitoring involves regularly scheduled assessments of various environmental parameters to track changes over time and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. This process typically involves sampling and analysis of air, water, soil, or other environmental media to monitor for pollutants, contaminants, or other indicators of environmental quality. Routine monitoring helps identify trends, assess the effectiveness of pollution control measures, and detect any deviations from established environmental standards. It plays a crucial role in proactive environmental management, allowing for early detection of potential issues and prompt corrective action when necessary.

Waste classification

All materials excavated from a site must undergo testing and classification in accordance with the NSW DECC Waste Classification guidelines. “It is the responsibility of the waste generator to ensure that the sampling and analytical methods employed are suitable for the contaminants being assessed.” Our team is equipped to sample, test, and classify any materials designated for removal as stipulated by regulations. With a thorough understanding of the guidelines, we can guarantee accurate classification and identify appropriate disposal options for Excavated Natural Material (ENM), Virgin Excavated Natural Material (VENM), and waste disposal.

Wastewater sampling and monitoring (irrigation water testing)

For centuries, utilising effluent for irrigation has been a common practice, and as demand for potable water rises, its utilisation is expanding. Effluent derived from treatment plants, primary production, and industrial operations presents a valuable reservoir of water and nutrients suitable for reuse across various applications. The team at East West Enviroag can assist with all your wastewater sampling and testing requirements to ensure it is fit for irrigation.

A comprehensive range of environmental testing services

No matter where you are located in Australia

If you require a quality environmental sampling, testing, and monitoring service for your next project, get in touch with our expert consultants and scientists who can discuss your project needs and provide a quote tailored to your requirements.

Our field sampling services cover from Central Queensland to North Western New South Wales and surrounds. Utilising our comprehensive sampling guidelines we are also receptive to samples collected by the client from any location throughout Australia.

Please contact our friendly and knowledgeable team on 1300 295 835 to discuss how we can assist with your environmental testing requirements, or request a quote here.