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Baiada Oakburn Processing Plant

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Our Tamworth team are proudly collaborating with a number of valued clients to help deliver the construction of the New Baiada Oakburn Processing Plant in Tamworth, NSW. Our team have been contracted to carry out geotechnical testing including earthworks testing and concrete testing.

The cutting-edge Processing Plant in Tamworth, is driven by Australia’s growing demand for poultry and Baiada’s commitment to future generations. Scheduled for completion by early 2026, this state-of-the-art facility will set new industry standards. Collaborating with global experts, the project integrates innovative, sustainable, and advanced processing technology.

Key Features:

With the ability to process up to 3 million chickens per week, the facility will be the first of its kind in Australia, featuring complete air chill processing and online bone detection for enhanced food safety. Fully automated cold storage and online traceability will ensure top quality.

Sustainability and Innovation:
From utilising renewable energy sources like Biogas to implementing advanced water systems to reduce town water usage, every aspect of the new plant is designed for long-term sustainability. Once operational, up to 85% of the wastewater will be treated to potable standard for reuse within the facility.

At full capacity, the Oakburn Plant will create over 700 additional jobs.

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