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Steven Mitchell

Steven Mitchell
Steve Mitchell
Geotechnical Manager – Tamworth


With an impressive career spanning 28 years in the construction material testing industry, Steve is the highly regarded Geotechnical Manager of our Tamworth laboratory. His wealth of experience and expertise has positioned him as a pivotal figure in ensuring the integrity and quality of construction projects across New South Wales, from the coastal regions to the western border.

During his extensive career, Steve has cultivated quality relationships with a broad network of professionals, including geotechnical, structural, civil, and environmental engineers. This network serves as a testament to his collaborative approach and the trust he has earned within the industry.

As a NATA Technical Assessor, NATA Signatory, and NATA Auditor, Steve exemplifies a commitment to the highest standards in testing and analysis. His role as a NATA Technical Assessor showcases his deep understanding of technical nuances, ensuring adherence to stringent industry benchmarks.

Steve’s experience extends to a large number of major transport infrastructure, renewable energy, and dam projects across New South Wales, including Sapphire Wind Farm, New England Solar Farm, White Rock Wind Farm, Lake Keepit Augmentation, Chaffey Dam Augmentation, Newcastle Interchange, and Pacific High Upgrades throughout Nabiac, Port Macquarie, Allgomera, and Eungai Creek.

Areas of Expertise

  • Laboratory management & operations
  • All areas of laboratory testing
  • Field testing
  • Quality management
  • Residential, commercial and industrial subdivisions
  • Rail infrastructure
  • Quarries
  • Highways, Regional roads, Main roads
  • Pavement and geotechnical investigations
  • Mining infrastructure
  • Solar and wind farms
  • NATA

Project Experience

  • Major Pacific Highway upgrades throughout New South Wales including Nabiac, Port Macquarie, Allgomera, and Eungai Creek
  • Newcastle Interchange, NSW
  • Lake Keepit Augmentation, NSW
  • Chaffey Dam Augmentation, NSW
  • Sapphire Wind Farm, NSW
  • Whiterock Wind Farm, NSW
  • New England Solar Farm, NSW
  • Orange Grove Solar Farm, NSW
  • Metz Solar Farm, NSW