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Paradise Dam – Investigation Phase

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The Queensland Government announced in December 2021 that the Paradise Dam will be restored to its original height as a part of extensive safety enhancement works. This verdict comes after comprehensive technical examinations, which demonstrate the feasibility of securely raising, reinforcing, and stabilizing the dam wall. The outcome of this decision is expected to ensure the region’s water security and provide a safe dam for several years to come.

Paradise Dam – Investigation Phase

Moving forward with the project, the subsequent phase involves advancing the design, environmental and planning approvals, early contractor engagement, and procurement activities that are crucial before initiating construction. In February 2022, both the Australian and Queensland Governments declared their commitment of $600 million each, summing up to a total of $1.2 billion, towards the project. The preliminary work is scheduled to begin in 2023, which comprises upgrades to local roads, investigations, and sourcing materials, along with the planning for a worker’s accommodation camp. The main construction work at the dam is anticipated to start in 2024.

The team at Geotechnical Services are proudly providing comprehensive geotechnical investigations on the existing road infrastructure surrounding the dam.

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