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Residential Soil Testing: What Happens After I Book My Soil Test?

site classification

Once you have accepted your quote and paid your invoice, we initiate the process that will ultimately determine the structural design of your building foundation and/or effluent disposal system.

Step 1: Drilling and Reporting
This step is our specialty and the service you have engaged us for. We will schedule a time for one of our drillers to visit your site with a specialised drill rig. During this visit, we conduct a visual inspection, drill boreholes, collect soil samples, and perform a penetration test (and a percolation test for effluent systems). After completing the tests, we calculate a value that classifies the site according to AS2870-2011 standards. We then compile a report detailing all findings. Click here for more details about what happens on site.

Step 2: Report Distribution and Analysissite classification
The report is sent to you, our client. If you are a private individual, you can also request that we send a copy to your designer or engineer. In this step, a structural engineer reviews our report to design the foundation (slab) for your home or project based on the classification and results. Additionally, a plumbing/drainage designer (or hydraulic consultant) will analyse the report, particularly the percolation results, to design an appropriate effluent system for your site.

Step 3: Design Implementation
The completed design is then sent to your builder and/or plumber (for effluent systems). Depending on your builder, the designs may be completed by in-house engineers/designers or external consultants. The builder will lay the foundation according to the design, and the plumber will install the effluent system in accordance with the design.

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