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Not All Testing is the Same… Our Laboratories are Proudly NATA Accredited

What is NATA?


In Australia, NATA stands for the National Association of Testing Authorities. Being NATA accredited means that a laboratory, inspection body, or calibration facility has been assessed and found to be competent to carry out specific types of testing, inspection, or calibration activities.

Accreditation by NATA demonstrates that the facility meets international standards of competence, impartiality, and reliability. It provides assurance to customers, regulators, and other stakeholders that the results produced by the accredited organisation are accurate and reliable.

In Australia, NATA accreditation is widely recognised and respected across various industries, including healthcare, environmental testing, construction, food and agriculture, and manufacturing. It helps organisations demonstrate their commitment to quality and competency in their respective fields.

Why choose a NATA accredited laboratory for your testing?

Assurance of Quality: NATA accreditation demonstrates that the facility has undergone rigorous assessment and meets internationally recognised standards for competence, impartiality, and reliability. This assurance of quality gives confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the results produced by the facility.

Compliance: Many industries and regulatory bodies require testing, inspection, and calibration to be performed by accredited facilities to ensure compliance with standards and regulations. Choosing a NATA accredited facility helps ensure compliance with these requirements.

Reliability: Accredited facilities follow standardised procedures and best practices, which enhances the reliability and consistency of their services. This reliability is essential for making informed decisions based on the results provided by the facility.

Technical Competence: NATA accreditation demonstrates that the facility has the technical expertise and resources necessary to perform specific types of testing, inspection, or calibration. This expertise can be critical, especially for complex or specialised tests.

Global Recognition: NATA accreditation is internationally recognised and respected. Choosing a NATA accredited facility can be beneficial for organisations that operate globally or need to demonstrate the quality of their products or services to international partners or customers. NATA is a signatory to the mutual recognition arrangement of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and the Asia-Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (APAC), which means that NATA accredited reports are accepted world wide.

Continuous Improvement: Accredited facilities are subject to regular assessments and audits by NATA to maintain their accreditation. This process encourages continuous improvement and ensures that the facility remains up-to-date with the latest standards and best practices.

Not all facilities in Australia are accredited

Contaminated land and soil testing

Always look for the NATA logo and endorsement on your reports or confirm the NATA accreditation of the facility you use. You can find the specific services for which the facility has achieved

accreditation in its scope of accreditation. Your NATA-endorsed report gives you increased confidence in the data and greater acceptance of your test or measurement results both within Australia and internationally.

The laboratories of Geotechnical Services and East West Enviroag are proudly NATA-accredited 

The laboratories of Geotechnical Services and East West Enviroag proudly hold NATA accreditation, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to providing quality services to our clients. This accreditation serves as a testament to our adherence to internationally recognised standards of competence, impartiality, and reliability in geotechnical testing and environmental analysis. By choosing our NATA accredited laboratories, clients can be assured of accurate and dependable results, enabling them to make informed decisions with confidence. Our accreditation also signifies our dedication to continuous improvement, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of our field and consistently meet the evolving needs and expectations of our clients.

Check out our Geotechnical scopes here:

Bundaberg – NATA accreditation No. 20956

Gympie – NATA accreditation No. 21185

Hervey Bay – NATA accreditation No. 20956

Tamworth – NATA accreditation No. 12360

Check out our Environmental/Agricultural scope here:

NATA accreditation No. 15708

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